On the Fly Poster

Air Date: May 24th, 2012

Series Summary
Following airline employees as they cope with the chaos of weather delays and irate passengers.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Reality, Documentary


  • Season 1 - Episode 13 : On the Edge Jul 12, 2012

    A St. Patrick's Day celebrant will go to any lengths to board a flight; a supervisor finds an abandoned portable oxygen machine.

  • Season 1 - Episode 12 : Wake Up Dude Jul 5, 2012

    A sleeping passenger misses his flight; a couple had a misconnection on their way to Albany; an agent must decide if a giant sombrero breaks baggage rules.

  • Season 1 - Episode 11 : Gave My Seat Away Jun 28, 2012

    A woman is furious when her seat is given away; a passenger is caught smoking in the bathroom during a flight.

  • Season 1 - Episode 10 : Frantic to Fly Jun 21, 2012

    A husband and wife are fighting on board a plane that is about to take off; a first time flier is shaken up by her plane's mechanical issues.

  • Season 1 - Episode 9 : That Dog is Obnoxious Jun 21, 2012

    A bridesmaid is stranded by a snowstorm; a supervisor must decide if a barking dog is fit to fly.