Party Down South Poster

Air Date: December 26th, 2013

Series Summary
Young Southerners live together and enjoy their fill of fun, drama and partying.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Reality


  • Season 5 - Episode 12 : The Final Funnel Apr 7, 2016

    The Party Down South crew gets together one last time to share their favorite memories and relive their wildest moments from all five vacations together.

  • Season 5 - Episode 11 : Last Call Apr 7, 2016

    The cast says goodbye to Savannah and to each other for the last time; old wounds open up between Tiffany and Bubba; Santana attempts to win back Lyle; the crew buries a time capsule in the backyard.

  • Season 5 - Episode 10 : Foul Weather Friend Mar 31, 2016

    Bubba surprises Tiffany with an unexpected visit, but Tiffany isn't sure how things will go after their recent arguments; after being rejected by numerous men at the bar, Hurricane Martha threatens the shores of Savannah.

  • Season 5 - Episode 9 : Single on a Segway Mar 24, 2016

    Lyle officially breaks it off with Santana over the phone; the crew bets on their Segway race -- boys versus girls, with the losers becoming their opponents' servants for a day; a newly-single Lyle rekindles old desires in Mattie.

  • Season 5 - Episode 8 : Watermelon, Meet Lartha Mar 17, 2016

    As Lyle spends time in the hospital, Mattie gives Santana a piece of her mind; Lauren flips her lid and the whole kitchen pays for it.