SpongeBob SquarePants Poster

Air Date: May 1st, 1999

Network: Nickelodeon

Series Summary
A square yellow sponge lives in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

Rating: TVY7

Genres: Animated, Children, Fantasy, Comedy


  • Season 10 - Episode 12 : The Incredible Shrinking SpongeBob; Sportz? Jul 21, 2017

  • Season 10 - Episode 11 : Spin the Bottle; There's a Sponge in My Soup Jul 16, 2017

    Plankton poses as a wish-granting genie in his latest scheme to get the secret formula.

  • Season 10 - Episode 10 : Spot Returns; The Checkup Jun 24, 2017

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    When his pet amoeba Spot has puppies, Plankton decides to use them in another of his nefarious plots; Mr. Krabs is afraid to get his physical, but if he does not pass the Krusty Krab will be shut down.

  • Season 10 - Episode 9 : Patrick's Coupon; Out of the Picture Jun 17, 2017

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    Patrick has a coupon for free ice cream, but he has to get to the store if he wants to use it; Mr. Krabs buys Squidward's art, but to make a profit on his purchase he will have to get the artist out of the picture.

  • Season 10 - Episode 8 : The Getaway; Lost and Found Jun 10, 2017

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    When SpongeBob mistakes an escaped convict for his driving instructor, it is the new teacher who learns a lesson; Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob in search of a missing toy, and SpongeBob finds himself lost in the lost-and-found.

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