The Last Ship Poster

Air Date: June 22nd, 2014

Network: TNT

Series Summary
A Navy destroyer avoids a catastrophe that nearly wipes out the world's population.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Drama, Action


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  • The Last Ship aims for a big-canvas feel, but based on the first three episodes, the one-dimensional characters and action movie cliché dialogue ("Guys, let's do this thing!") make it feel cramped. Show More

  • The result is an efficient slice of military-hardware porn. [20 Jun 2014, p.60] Show More

  • It looks great but the plotting of the premiere, in which the world falls victim to a horrendous virus and a battleship that has avoided infection could be the only way to find a cure, is stale and manipulative. Square-jawed Dane has the charisma to carry the concept but it’s handled with all the subtlety of a lead balloon. Show More

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