"I made my family disappear," says 8-year-old Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin), upon realizing he's the de facto ruler of the roost in the unforgettable 1990 family hit 'Home Alone.' But many of the McAllisters -- as well as the colorful characters around them -- are still visible these days. You just have to know where to look. (And no, they're not in the attic.)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Home Alone,' Moviefone takes a fond look back at the film's hilarious cast and updates you on their current whereabouts.

Macaulay Culkin
Role: Kevin McCallister
Then: Mac's turn as precocious robber-bashing 8-year-old Kevin McCallister made him perhaps the most famous -- and definitely the highest-paid -- child star ever. But after a trio of box-office flops in 1994 and a very public custody battle between his parents in '95, he disappeared from the limelight.
Now: Now 30, Culkin resurfaced on 'Will and Grace' in 2001 and made the leap back into movies two years later as a homicidal drag queen (seriously) in 'Party Monster.' He also wrote the semi-autobiographical novel 'Junior' and, most recently, appeared on the short-lived NBC drama 'Kings.' He has been dating actress Mila Kunis since 2002.

Catherine O'Hara
Role: Kate McCallister
Then: Kevin's mom has many maternal skills ... but keeping track of her kid isn't one of them. O'Hara was a well-established performer before 'Home Alone,' having appeared as a regular on the Canadian sketch show 'SCTV' and co-starred as Winona Ryder's frenetic mother in 'Beetlejuice.'
Now: O'Hara might have been known in the U.S. primarily for 'Home Alone' if it weren't for Christopher Guest. Aside from starring in every Guest movie since 1997, she has a busy voiceover career and recently played Katherine Heigl's mother in 'Killers.'

John Heard
Role: Peter McCallister
Then: He was Kevin's distraught dad (okay, let's just say negligent) who was horrified to learn he and his wife had overlooked a little something when they left for their big trip. Prior to 'Home Alone,' Heard was probably most recognized for playing the closest thing to a villain opposite Tom Hanks in 'Big.'
Now: Heard's better known for his TV work these days: a crooked cop on 'The Sopranos' (for which he was Emmy-nominated); Governor Tancredi on 'Prison Break'; guest spots on 'Entourage' and 'CSI: Miami' ... you get the drift.

Devin Ratray
Role: Buzz McCallister
Then: In the early '90s, Ratray was the go-to guy for big-boned bullies, also appearing in films like 'Little Monsters' and 'Dennis the Menace.' As Buzz, the tarantula-grooming, red-headed bully of an oldest brother, he was like the Biff Tannen of his generation.
Now: In recent years Ratray has appeared in an episode of 'Law and Order' and the 2009 Bruce Willis sci-fi thriller 'Surrogates.' But his most interesting post-'Home Alone' credit is undoubtedly as himself in the mockumentary 'Courting Condi,' in which he examines his love for former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by interviewing those close to her. Check out this recent Huffington Post interview with Ratray:

Angela Goethals
Role: Linnie McCallister
Then: The French-fluent actress (and great-great-granddaughter of Panama Canal chief engineer George W. Goethals) fittingly plays Kevin's haughty Francophile older sister Linnie, whose one main purpose is to assure Kevin he's incompetent. She's what the French call "les bitch."
Now: After skipping 'Home Alone 2' (in the sequel, Linnie was played by Maureen Elizabeth Shay, in her only film role) and taking time off to get her degree from Vassar, Goethals returned to acting in 2000. In addition to recent guest gigs on 'Law & Order' and 'Royal Pains,' Goethals frequently narrates audiobooks, including 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.'

Hillary Wolf
Role: Megan McCallister
Then: After a string of TV movies, Wolf had a big 1990, also appearing in 'Waiting for the Light' with Shirley MacLaine.
Now: After 'Home Alone 2,' Wolf dropped acting to pursue judo, and made the U.S. Olympic team in '96 and '00. She's now married and lives in Colorado.

Michael C. Maronna
Role: Jeff McCallister
Then: In his first film role, the Rhode Island native played one of Kevin's older brothers and offered such motivational sound bites as "Kevin, you're such a disease."
Now: Maronna capitalized on his 'Home Alone' fame by grabbing the role of Big Pete in the popular Nickelodeon show 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete.' After that show's influential three-season run, he nabbed parts in '40 Days and 40 Nights' and 'Slackers' before switching to a career behind the scenes -- he is credited as an electrician on 'Sex and the City,' 'Notorious' and 'Cop Out.'

Gerry Bamman
Role: Uncle Frank
Then: He gave an odiously ingenious performance as ill-mannered, short-tempered Uncle Frank, a man who turns mooching into an art form.
Now: Two episodes of 'Law and Order' in 2004 and 2005 aside, he's kept mostly to the stage recently. He's currently playing the Duke of Venice opposite Al Pacino in a Broadway production of 'The Merchant of Venice.'

Kieran Culkin
Role: Fuller
Then: Mac's real-life younger brother made his big-screen debut as Kevin's bed-sharing -- and bed-wetting -- cousin Fuller, who simply refuses to go easy on the Pepsi.
Now: After earning a Golden Globe nomination for 2002's acclaimed indie 'Igby Goes Down,' he took time off from movies to act on the stage. But in 2010, he returned to movies with a vengeance, gaining raves for his turn as Wallace Wells, the "cool" gay roommate in 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.'

Joe Pesci
Role: Harry
Then: Pesci was hitting his prime as 'Home Alone' opened, still soaking up kudos for his explosive turn in
'Goodfellas,' which would earn him an Oscar the following spring. Though he didn't win anything for his bumbling burglar Harry, he did prove he could take punishment as well as he could dish it.
Now: After a string of major roles in movies such as 'My Cousin Vinny,' 'Casino' and 'Lethal Weapon 4,' Pesci announced his retirement from acting to focus on his musical career. He finally resurfaced with a small role in pal Robert De Niro's 2006 directorial effort 'The Good Shepherd,' and was seen with Helen Mirren in the 2010 bomb 'Love Ranch' (they play the real-life couple who opened Nevada's first legal brothel).

Daniel Stern
Role: Marv
Then: Of the so-called "Wet Bandits," he's the dumb one (well, dumber one), who endures a tarantula on his head, an iron in his face and a nail up his nose. Stern had his breakthrough in 1983's 'Diner,' and by 'Home Alone' was two seasons into his role as the voice of the adult Kevin Arnold on 'The Wonder Years.'
Now: In 1991 came Stern's next-biggest movie role, that of Phil in 'City Slickers.' He was the voice of 'Dilbert' in the animated series, but since then has mostly appeared in short-lived sitcoms ('Danny,' 'Regular Joe') and straight-to-DVD movies ('Bachelor Party Vegas,' as -- earmuffs, kids! -- "Harry Hard"). He most recently played Ellen Page's dad in 'Whip It.'

Roberts Blossom
Role: Old Man Marley
Then: Considering the veteran actor had once played a lunatic killer in the cult classic 'Deranged,' it was inspired casting to have him portray Kevin's mysterious, possibly lunatic killer (albeit ultimately vastly misunderstood) neighbor, Marley.
Now: Blossom, who will turn 87 on New Year's Day, retired in 1999 to focus on his poetry and family. He now lives in California.

John Candy
Role: Gus Polinski
Then: Funnyman Candy had a bit part as Gus Polinski, one of the polka players who gives Mom a ride back to Illinois when her plane leaves her stranded in Scranton. He was a natural for the part, considering that one of his regular 'SCTV' bits was as two members of the polka-performing family the Schmenges.
Now: Sadly, the larger-than-life comedian and bankable movie star ('Planes, Trains & Automobiles,' 'Uncle Buck') suffered a fatal heart attack in 1994 while filming the comedy 'Wagons East.' His last film, Michael Moore's 'Canadian Bacon' was released posthumously in 1995.

Hope Davis
Role: French ticket agent
Then: In only her second film role (after a small part in 'Flatliners'), Davis played the French ticket agent who tries to help a frantic Kate McCallister get home to her son. If "help" means suggesting Kate try stand-by.
Now: She made a splash in 'The Daytrippers,' but it was 1998's 'Next Stop, Wonderland' that cemented Davis' reputation as a rising indie queen. Nominated for a Golden Globe for 'American Splendor' (2003), she appeared in Charlie Kaufman's 'Synecdoche, New York' and in the second season of HBO's 'In Treatment.'

Chris Columbus
Role: Director
Then: Though his earlier 'Adventures in Babysitting' was a well-reviewed family romp, 'Home Alone' was Columbus' breakthrough as a director. Why then would he return to the same well for 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' you might ask? Only Chris could tell.
Now: After some directorial hits ('Mrs. Doubtfire') and misses ('Bicentennial Man'), Columbus scored big when he was tapped to helm the first and second 'Harry Potter' installments. He produced the third 'Potter,' and recently directed a clone, 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.'

John Hughes
Role: Writer/producer
Then: Though he will forever be known for the Brat Pack films, Hughes achieved his biggest commercial success with 'Home Alone.'
Now: He quit directing after 1991's 'Curly Sue' and spent much of the rest of his career penning and producing kids' fare. He died of a sudden heart attack in 2009, at the age of 59.