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10 Sitcom Pilots Inspired by Real People: Which Will You Watch?

Posted by
Gary Susman on Apr 17th 2015, 8:30AM

Apr 17th 2015, 8:30AM

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles': Leonardo & Splinter Will Be Voiced By...

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Apr 3rd 2014, 2:30PM

Apr 3rd 2014, 2:30PM

The 12 Most Cantankerous Grandpas & Grandmas From the Movies (VIDEO)

Posted by
Erin Whitney on Oct 23rd 2013, 7:00AM

Oct 23rd 2013, 7:00AM

'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' Trailer: Johnny Knoxville Makes It Rain (VIDEO)

Posted by
Kelly Woo on Jul 31st 2013, 2:00PM

Jul 31st 2013, 2:00PM

New 'Jackass' Movie Starring Johnny Knoxville's Bad Grandpa Gets Fall Release

Posted by
Kelly Woo on Jul 17th 2013, 1:00PM

Jul 17th 2013, 1:00PM

Johnny Knoxville, Where The Hell Have You Been?

Posted by
on Jan 17th 2013, 9:34AM

Jan 17th 2013, 9:34AM

'Spread Out!': Farrellys Want Johnny Knoxville As Moe in 'Three Stooges'

Posted by
Harley W. Lond on Mar 11th 2011, 4:30AM

Mar 11th 2011, 4:30AM

'Three Stooges' Short List Includes Samberg, Knoxville and ... Jacobson?

Posted by
Scott Weinberg on Jan 6th 2011, 6:09PM

Jan 6th 2011, 6:09PM

'Jackass 3D' Sequel Hitting Theaters Sooner Than You Think

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Oct 19th 2010, 9:45AM

Oct 19th 2010, 9:45AM

'Jackass 3D' Review: More Dumb Stuff That'll Make You Laugh

Posted by
Todd Gilchrist on Oct 14th 2010, 5:30PM

Oct 14th 2010, 5:30PM

'Jackass 3D' Stars on Girlfriend Pranks, Disgusting Stunts and Shots to the Groin

Posted by
Moviefone Staff on Oct 13th 2010, 1:30PM

Oct 13th 2010, 1:30PM

Watch Johnny Knoxville Try to Save Detroit

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Aug 31st 2010, 2:15PM

Aug 31st 2010, 2:15PM

'Jackass 3D' Trailer Hits You in All the Old Familiar Places

Posted by
William Goss on Aug 6th 2010, 12:15PM

Aug 6th 2010, 12:15PM

Cinematical Late Night: Jackass 3D, Hangover 2, Ben Affleck Again

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Jul 21st 2010, 10:25PM

Jul 21st 2010, 10:25PM

What Does 17 Directors + 15 Actors Equal? 1 Sketch Comedy

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Mar 11th 2010, 12:06PM

Mar 11th 2010, 12:06PM

'Jackass' Crew Bringing the Pain Again (in 3D!) Next Fall

Posted by
Daniel Frankel on Dec 21st 2009, 5:45AM

Dec 21st 2009, 5:45AM

'Jackass 3-D' is Happening

Posted by
William Goss on Nov 19th 2009, 10:50AM

Nov 19th 2009, 10:50AM

Kevin Spacey Attracts a Varied Foursome For 'Father of Invention'

Posted by
Elisabeth Rappe on Jun 24th 2009, 7:02AM

Jun 24th 2009, 7:02AM

DVD Info for Lionsgate / Weinstein Castoffs 'Horsemen' & 'Killshot'

Posted by
William Goss on Apr 21st 2009, 12:03PM

Apr 21st 2009, 12:03PM

Cher's Coming Back to the Big Screen -- Opposite Johnny Knoxville

Posted by
Eugene Novikov on Jan 19th 2009, 6:02AM

Jan 19th 2009, 6:02AM

Hitman Thriller 'Killshot' Gets Bumped (Again)

Posted by
William Goss on Oct 2nd 2008, 12:32PM

Oct 2nd 2008, 12:32PM

Parker Posey and Johnny Knoxville are John Waters' Fruitcakes!

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on May 8th 2008, 8:32AM

May 8th 2008, 8:32AM

'Jackass 2.5' Released Online Instead of Theatrically

Posted by
Patrick Walsh on Dec 12th 2007, 2:32PM

Dec 12th 2007, 2:32PM

Iowa Theater Censors Jackass 2

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Oct 3rd 2006, 12:02PM

Oct 3rd 2006, 12:02PM

Box Office Report: Kutcher Beats Kutcher

Posted by
Erik Davis on Oct 2nd 2006, 4:05AM

Oct 2nd 2006, 4:05AM

Guilty Pleasures: Jackass Number Two

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Sep 27th 2006, 9:02AM

Sep 27th 2006, 9:02AM

Theater Vandalism? Don't Blame Jackass

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Sep 27th 2006, 7:32AM

Sep 27th 2006, 7:32AM

Monday Morning Poll: Who's The Real Jackass?

Posted by
Erik Davis on Sep 25th 2006, 7:01AM

Sep 25th 2006, 7:01AM

Trailer Park: The Perfect Relationship

Posted by
Erik Davis on May 30th 2006, 5:02AM

May 30th 2006, 5:02AM

New On DVD - The Producers, The Ringer, When A Stranger Calls

Posted by
Robert Newton on May 20th 2006, 5:01AM

May 20th 2006, 5:01AM

Hazzard Sequel Heads Straight to DVD

Posted by
Erik Davis on Apr 29th 2006, 4:00PM

Apr 29th 2006, 4:00PM

Quickhits: Luketic Bails on Dallas, Englund Directs, Even More Jackass

Posted by
Martha Fischer on Mar 31st 2006, 3:30PM

Mar 31st 2006, 3:30PM

Review: The Ringer

Posted by
Robert Newton on Dec 23rd 2005, 1:01PM

Dec 23rd 2005, 1:01PM


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