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Black Swan (2010)

Vincent Cassel as "Thomas Leroy/The Gentleman"

Nina (Natalie Portman) is a ballerina whose passion for the dance rules every facet of her life. When the company's artistic director decides to replace his prima ballerina for their opening production of "Swan Lake," Nina is his first choice. She has competition in newcomer Lily (Mila Kunis) however. While Nina is perfect for the role of the White Swan, Lily personifies the Black Swan. As rivalry between the two dancers transforms into a twisted friendship, Nina's dark side begins to emerge.

Screen Actors Guild Awards (2010) Nominated Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

Vincent Cassel in the news

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Check Out This Stunning, Soviet-Style 'Child 44' Poster (EXCLUSIVE)

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Feb 9th 2015, 7:00AM

Feb 9th 2015, 7:00AM

Watch the Trailer for Tom Hardy's Cold War Thriller 'Child 44' (VIDEO)

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Jan 28th 2015, 8:38AM

Jan 28th 2015, 8:38AM

Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci Call It Quits After 14 Years of Marriage

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Aug 26th 2013, 12:00PM

Aug 26th 2013, 12:00PM

See Darren Aronofsky and Vincent Cassel's Sexy Cologne Ad

Posted by
Sharon Knolle on Apr 19th 2011, 10:30AM

Apr 19th 2011, 10:30AM

'Our Day Will Come' SXSW Review: Redheads on the Run

Posted by
William Goss on Mar 22nd 2011, 1:15PM

Mar 22nd 2011, 1:15PM

SXSW 2011: Spike Jonze & Romain Gavras Turn Music Videos Into Masterpieces

Posted by
David Ehrlich on Mar 21st 2011, 9:35AM

Mar 21st 2011, 9:35AM

French Criminal 'Mesrine' Makes an Impact (review)

Posted by
Todd Gilchrist on Oct 3rd 2010, 2:03PM

Oct 3rd 2010, 2:03PM

Framed: The Doppelgängers of 'Black Swan'

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Sep 20th 2010, 5:02PM

Sep 20th 2010, 5:02PM

Framed: Eastern Promises

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Sep 2nd 2010, 5:45PM

Sep 2nd 2010, 5:45PM

Interview: 'Mesrine' Star Vincent Cassel

Posted by
Todd Gilchrist on Aug 31st 2010, 5:15PM

Aug 31st 2010, 5:15PM

What We're Watching: 'Irreversible,' 'The Baxter,' 'The Dead Zone'

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Aug 18th 2010, 10:33AM

Aug 18th 2010, 10:33AM

'Black Swan' Trailer: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis Face Off

Posted by
Harley W. Lond on Aug 17th 2010, 4:19PM

Aug 17th 2010, 4:19PM

Natalie Portman Pirouettes Through 'Black Swan' Trailer

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Aug 17th 2010, 2:35PM

Aug 17th 2010, 2:35PM

Cinematical Late Night: Eastern Promises 2, John Carter of Mars, Graboid Science

Posted by
Peter Hall on Aug 9th 2010, 9:05PM

Aug 9th 2010, 9:05PM

Cinematical Late Night: Our Time Will Come, Old St. Louis, Monsters Inc. 2

Posted by
Peter Hall on Aug 5th 2010, 9:27PM

Aug 5th 2010, 9:27PM

First 'Black Swan' Pics Show Portman's Dark Side

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Jul 22nd 2010, 11:02AM

Jul 22nd 2010, 11:02AM

Is Vincent Cassel Hardwicke's Big Bad Wolf?

Posted by
Jenni Miller on May 21st 2010, 12:33PM

May 21st 2010, 12:33PM

Their Best Role: Monica Bellucci

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on May 10th 2010, 6:15PM

May 10th 2010, 6:15PM

Vincent Cassel Contends with a Lusty Demon in 'The Monk'

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Feb 18th 2010, 9:15AM

Feb 18th 2010, 9:15AM

Aronofsky's 'Black Swan' Gains More Cast Members

Posted by
Cinematical staff on Nov 9th 2009, 3:02PM

Nov 9th 2009, 3:02PM

Winona Ryder, Barbara Hershey Look for Career Comebacks With 'Black Swan'

Posted by
Sharon Knolle on Nov 9th 2009, 1:15PM

Nov 9th 2009, 1:15PM

Aronofsky Begins Casting His 'Black Swan'

Posted by
Alison Nastasi on Nov 9th 2009, 9:05AM

Nov 9th 2009, 9:05AM

Mickey Rourke Just Needs '11 Minutes' with Alice Braga

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Mar 5th 2009, 12:45PM

Mar 5th 2009, 12:45PM

Andrew Niccol's Next Project Will Blow My Mind

Posted by
Eugene Novikov on Feb 6th 2009, 4:45AM

Feb 6th 2009, 4:45AM

Another Poster for Vin Diesel's 'Babylon A.D.'

Posted by
Jessica Barnes on Aug 17th 2008, 1:45PM

Aug 17th 2008, 1:45PM

Incredible French True Crime Story Coming to America in Two Parts

Posted by
Eugene Novikov on Jul 7th 2008, 6:32AM

Jul 7th 2008, 6:32AM

Only Half of Vin Diesel's 'Babylon A.D.' Will Make it to Theaters

Posted by
Jessica Barnes on Apr 9th 2008, 1:02PM

Apr 9th 2008, 1:02PM

London Film Festival Delivers 'Eastern Promises'

Posted by
Peter Martin on Oct 18th 2007, 12:02PM

Oct 18th 2007, 12:02PM

TIFF Review: Eastern Promises

Posted by
Ryan Stewart on Sep 15th 2007, 5:32AM

Sep 15th 2007, 5:32AM

Cronenberg's 'Eastern Promises' Gets a Trailer

Posted by
Monika Bartyzel on Jul 2nd 2007, 7:31AM

Jul 2nd 2007, 7:31AM

RIP: Reel Important People -- April 23, 2007

Posted by
Christopher Campbell on Apr 23rd 2007, 1:01PM

Apr 23rd 2007, 1:01PM

Vincent Cassel is Public Enemy No. 1

Posted by
Jessica Barnes on Nov 2nd 2006, 12:33PM

Nov 2nd 2006, 12:33PM

Toronto Midnight Report #3: Severance, Sheitan and Line

Posted by
Scott Weinberg on Sep 15th 2006, 4:04PM

Sep 15th 2006, 4:04PM

Quickhits: Cassel Makes a Promise, Thieriot in Jumper and Wanna Watch the First Three Minutes of The Covenant?

Posted by
Erik Davis on Aug 31st 2006, 3:06AM

Aug 31st 2006, 3:06AM

New On DVD - Chicken Little, Dreamer, The Squid And The Whale

Posted by
Robert Newton on Mar 22nd 2006, 3:06PM

Mar 22nd 2006, 3:06PM


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