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  • May 22, 2008 Heidi
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    This is a movie to be seen again and again. I don't understand the critics' views. Perhaps they are just not at a level to understand the philosophy of this movie. When I saw Peaceful Warrior the theatre was packed and the audience stood and clapped at the end. Many had tears in their eyes. How often does that happen at a movie? See it, and be your own critic!

  • May 22, 2008 spmusic4u
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    This movie is another great example of why one cannot rely on critics reviews. I was completely inspired by this movie and will turn all of my friends on to it as well. I read the book years ago and was happy that it translated so well onto film.

  • May 22, 2008 msgrowle
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    So was socrates real or what??? I got the "messages" in all the "bumper sticker" sayings...but I felt so unsure of what was real and WHO was socrates? Was he an old athlete?? how did the girl know him then??I never understood why the kid kept comming back...and why this man was always awake and doing buisness always in the middle of the night? I never felt like Socrates imparted anything more than confusion and uncertainty.Did he do the big flip at the end?? I just saw him twirling. Did he win a gold at some point?I saw the ending text...but I still felt totally confused.I don't like movies that take you in and out of dream sequences and never tie it up in the end. I walked away from this story never understanding what or who was actually real. I got the gist...the formula was fullfilled....but i would rather pay $4 to rent the karate kid again. That movie at least made me cheer.I wasn't inspired- just confused.I would not recommend to rent this movie, i would say to watch it on lifetime when it comes on TV there.