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  • 50
    Peter Travers Rolling Stone

    Cusack captures that desperation vividly enough to make you wish this was the real Poe story, which The Raven onscreen leaves buried alive. show more

  • 50
    Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle

    The story has its moments, and yet there is something about this tale of a serial killer's patterning his crimes on Poe's most gruesome works that doesn't completely satisfy. show more

  • 63
    Claudia Puig USA Today

    This many-feathered animal occasionally soars before it crash-lands. show more

  • 20
    Joe Neumaier New York Daily News

    This wannabe Sherlockian thriller is like a night spent at Madame Tussauds, watching mannequins strangle other mannequins. show more

  • 60
    Stephanie Zacharek Movieline

    A handsome-looking thing, with fairly grand period costumes and reasonably lavish sets. So much for production values: In every other way the picture is stiff and unyielding, hampered by a clumsy plot and diorama performances. The whole thing has the feel of a second-rate living-history exhibit. show more

  • 63
    Lou Lumenick New York Post

    In the skilled hands of Cusack - who recites quite a bit of Poe's poetry - and director John McTeigue ("V for Vendetta''), it's good pulpy fun. show more

  • 63
    James Berardinelli ReelViews

    The Raven is period piece fun - at least until it realizes there has to be a conclusion. That's where a certain amount of inevitable disappointment sets in. The curse of the two-hour murder mystery is that the ending never seems to justify the build-up. show more

  • 50
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times

    When I heard that John Cusack had been cast for this film, it sounded like good news: I could imagine him as Poe, tortured and brilliant, lashing out at a cruel world. But that isn't the historical Poe the movie has in mind. It is a melodramatic Poe, calling for the gifts of Nicolas Cage. show more

  • 50
    Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune

    The Raven squanders a promising scenario while half-burying Cusack's mercurial skills as a leading man with the wiles of a character actor. show more

  • 50
    Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald

    For a good hour or so, The Raven is gruesome, ludicrous fun. Then it's just ludicrous. show more

  • November 16, 2012 is00000000131949
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    Absolutely enjoyable.And they managed to actually make a movie without an idiot script full of F bombs...FINALLY!

  • May 08, 2012 cu00000000122770
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    Let me break it out to you by guaranteeing that if you watch this movie you will be at a minimum entertained. Since films are made with that intention in mind, we could all agree that this production did their job exactly as expected. Although, something has to be said for the collection of mockeries that continue to test our patience and make us feel like we\'ve been robbed and laughed out of our hard earned cash. Yes. Don\'t look away. You know who you are... Grab a tub of popcorn, bring your favorite movie companion, sit down, and prepare yourself to have a decent time. The premise is simple. Edgar Allan Poe, famous horror novelist of the time. You do know this is a period piece you are watching? 1800s? ... Ok. So, Poe\'s finals days on earth are a bit of a mystery, and Hollywood decided what better way for a famous horror novelist to spend those last few days of his life than to get entangled in his own horror fare. Brilliant. Yes? Obviously the guy didn\'t get enough of it in his factual life. Our guy finds himself in the middle of what appears to be the endless pursuit of a criminal that uses Poe\'s famous novels as staging for fresh murders of his own. And, to make things a bit more edgy, the bad guy kidnaps Poe\'s bride to be moments before they\'re about to announce their engagement. Intense and puzzling. Definitely fun. Since I\'m a guy, I\'m going to point out to my fellow men that this is not the kind of movie that\'s going to get you laid. John Cusack used to do those kinds of movies back when. But he\'s gone from holding a boom box like no one else could in \"Say Anything\" to becoming an irate alcoholic with a penchant for poetry and even a streak of suicide in this one... Well, I did tell you this movie won\'t get you laid. Now, ladies, I do hear some of you find Mr. Cusack attractive. But if he\'s not your cup of tea, Luke Evans might just do the trick. He\'s a handsome foreigner from Wales that holds the eye. Both actors do a good job at the act. Their roles are convincing and well written. It would be superfluous to give Cusack the extra credit for playing Edgar Allan Poe. A clearly challenging role. He\'s after all the movie star here and expected to get the film to recoup moneys invested. John! You got a few bills from me! Happy to oblige! The rest of the ensemble played it well. Alice Eve looked fantastic as the lady in distress buried in a basement. Literally. She had a few choice words at the start. Even read some poetry here and there. But her talents were largely invested later on in the picture. Wearing a super tight bustier. Crying, sobbing, begging and screaming from under a pile of dirt. I ran this by an actor friend of mine and he did confirm it is a tough gig to do all that nonsense while laying flat on a hard wood-plank set for 12 hours straight. So, props to you Miss Eve. It looked fantastic from where I was sitting.

  • May 02, 2012 dorourke22
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    This movie started off so promising and fell completely flat on its face. It had so much potential, its like the writers/directors gave up half way through the film, even the acting progressivley worsened. Was not worth seeing in theaters

  • April 30, 2012 LynCC
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    Cusack is fabulous. Absolutely perfect choice of casting. Yes, the critics think it\'s a mediocre film, ********* a treat for viewers. \"The Raven\" kept me feeling the same tension and goulish fascination that reading Poe does. It\'s disgusting and creepy, and yet you can\'t step away from it. You just know it\'ll be an awful ending, yet you hope for the best. I loved it. Will go on my annual Halloween line-up with Dep\'s \"Sleepy Hollow\" and \"Barber of Seville.\"

  • April 30, 2012 lahgypsy
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    This was a great firlm from beginning to held notonly my attention but the attention of my teenage grandsons who found it to be intelligent and made for great conversation afterwards. Don\'t listen to the cititics, enjoy one of the few really good films out there today, it\'s worth it...

  • April 29, 2012 Margaret Opine
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    i WENT TO SEE A MYSTERY...(NOW I\'M RESEARCHING TRYING TO FIND OUT WHY THE ENDING WAS SO BLUNT WITH THE NAME OF \'REYNOLDS\') that\'s the mystery part because I coudn\'t keep up with the plot for the explicit HORROR! Not my genre. I\'m not a gore fan but I can stand a murder if it has something to do with the plot but I don\'t think this one grusome mess was necessary to tell the story at all..--MO

  • April 28, 2012 lz00000000121721
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    Suspense/thriller, my family enjoy this movie..Very good!

  • April 28, 2012 vince
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    John Cusak is always good. Movie earns an R rating; bloody not sexy.

  • April 28, 2012 littletanugi
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    The Raven is not 10 min its Runtime: 111 mins. ^_^ . And I believe that the Critics should look more from the people's eyes as well as their own. True that the movie does have more of a fantasy basis to it as I think Poe himself would have not done most of the things in the movie in real life, but It is a Good Movie as I give it a 5 star. I am also going that I was born in his home town. Don't always go by the review of Critics see the movie for yourself and you make the choice to like it or not.

  • April 27, 2012 bp00000000121358
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    If you write any thing and give it five stars the movie will lok the viewers love it.


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