Oscar nominee Reese Witherspoon hasn't lost her comedy chops. The trailer for her upcoming action/comedy movie with Sofia Vergara,"Hot Pursuit," is promisingly funny! Witherspoon plays Officer Cooper, a tiny Texan police officer whose latest assignment is to drive a drug dealer's widow to Dallas to testify against the men who killed her husband. As Daniella Riva, Sofia Vergara seems to be well-matched with Witherspoon in terms of comic timing and physical humor.

Previously known as "Don't Mess With Texas," "Hot Pursuit" is being described as "The Heat" meets "Midnight Run." Director Anne Fletcher is known for her work on "The Guilt Trip," "The Proposal," "27 Dresses," and the original "Step Up." That's right, the one with Channing Tatum and his now-wife Jenna Dewan Tatum. Vergara and Witherspoon are also producers.

"Hot Pursuit" opens on May 8, kicking off a summer full of funny ladies.

[Via Deadline]