"Pretty Little Liars" is currently taking over London Town, by which we mean Spencer Hastings is lurking around England, drinking tea, and making eyes at randoms who definitely aren't Toby Cavanaugh. This week, Spencer got even closer to her new buddy Colin (who loves himself a jaunty vest, FYI), while her best friends across the pond were busy being arrested for murder. In other words, it's just another day in Rosewood, America's creepy capital of the world.

Hanna Gets An A-Shaped Target On Her Back, Ezra Plays Detective (Bless His Heart)

Now that Mona Vanderwaal's postmortem bombshell has been revealed (that awkward moment when you fake your death and then actually die), it's time for Alison DiLaurentis to tell the truth. Unfortunately, Mike Montgomery could get thrown under the bus if Ali takes the stand, but the only alternative is a plea deal that's contingent on saying Hanna Marin helped kill Mona! We know, we know, there's little-to-no evidence that Hanna had anything to do with Mona's murder –– but the Rosewood police department saw her lurking in the storage unit where Mona's remains were found, and –– as we all know –– they're really smart over there. (Cough, nope, cough.)

The liars are determined to solve Mona's death before things spiral out of control, and their latest lead is a fellow named Varjack. But how to track him down?! Emily thinks Ezra is the best person to find Varjack (makes sense given his extensive history of stalking), and he starts by visiting Mona's lawyer. After a brief business conversation about franchising his perpetually vacant coffee shop (insert uncontrollable laughter here), Ezra asks him who he really works for, and promptly gets himself kicked out of the office. So, naturally good ol' Fitz does what any former stalker would do. Stalks.

Spencer Enjoys England, Makes Out with Random British Bloke

Hark, who goes there? Is that an elegant English rose ambling down the streets of London? Nope, it's just Spencer, who is still inexplicably meandering around England. And yes, she pretty much spends this entire episode talking about college (her mom sets up a fake interview to keep her abroad) and going to Shakespeare productions with Melissa's roommate, Colin. You know, Colin? The guy who –– much like most men –– is completely obsessed with her? Him.

In fact, Spencer and Colin have a fabulous time musing about "Hamlet," drinking beer, and playing darts, and they even end up kissing after getting caught in a romantic rainstorm. Basically, this is Spencer's world and we're just living in it –– though it should be noted that she and Colin will probably never see each other again since Spencer is on her way back to the U.S. by the episode's end.

Hanna Gets Arrested, Ship Ezria Sinks

Bad news: there's an arrest warrant out for Hanna Marin. But let's back up a moment, because you should know that Ali isn't the reason why. Despite being harassed by A in jail (did you see those cuts all over her arms?!), Ali decides not take the plea –– however, poor Hanna crumbles under the pressure of potentially being a wanted criminal. After telling her mom that she's being framed, she heads down to the police station with the intention of outing A as a stalker, but their text history gets deleted (Hack Gate 2015), and she's promptly arrested for her blood being found on Mona's clothes. The horror!

Despite not being able to prove Hanna's innocence, the liars do get their hands on a piece of evidence thanks to Ezra, Aria and Emily following Mona's lawyer to Varjack's mansion. They even find proof that he lives there in the form of a pizza receipt! Of course, we would be more way more excited about this new development, but this episode ends with Ezra and Aria breaking up. So yes, now is definitely the time for mourning. And also burning questions....

1. Are Aria and Ezra really over? Because Tumblr is about to break.

2. No really, who is Varjack?

3. "Pretty Little Liars" has made a huge deal out of not 100 percent confirming Mona's death. Is she still alive?

4. Will Hanna get out on bail or spend the last few episodes rotting away in jail?

5. Someone explain what's happening in Spencer's love life, because we're worried about Toby's mental state.