"The Fault in Our Stars" and "Divergent" star Ansel Elgort was on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday night, and he shared the story of a recent party he went to with his "ridiculous" mother, who has no idea who any celebrities are. They ran into Bruce Willis and his mom had no idea who he was, so she just said, "Hi, what's your name? What do you do?" When Bruce said he was an actor, Ansel's mom said, "Oh my son is an actor. How's that going for you?" In classic Bruce fashion, he just replied, "It's going pretty good." Haha. Good for Ansel's mom - it's about time someone just treated actors like regular people, even if it was accidental. That's what any mom would do - ask someone's name and occupation, then bring it back to her own child. Bruce probably understood; maybe he was even charmed to be treated like an actual human being, not a celebrity. Jimmy Fallon was abashed, though; celebrities are his world. Ansel also talked about his fear that he might "pull a Travolta" when presenting at the Oscars, but things turned out OK.

Judi Dench was also on Jimmy's show - they did a bit of Bollywood dancing in honor of her new movie "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" - and, behind the scenes, Judi shared her worst audition story. She was auditioning for a big film and the director (she's too classy to name him) said he wouldn't book her for this film or any film "as you have every single thing wrong with your face." What a jerk! Judi said she got to do many films after that so she was very pleased he was wrong.Jimmy also read off "Kid Letters" on "The Tonight Show." Elementary school children (real ones, they claim) wrote in with illustrations, praise, and suggestions for how to improve the show. Pretty funny. One kid suggested, if Jimmy really wants to be funny and cool, he should get up and dance on his desk - telling the audience to chant "you're not cool" until he does it. Norman Reedus was on "Conan," talking about how his character, Daryl Dixon, ate a worm on a recent episode of "The Walking Dead." Norman wanted to eat a real worm - like Nicolas Cage eating a cockroach - but the animal rights activists stopped him. He had the worm in his mouth but had to spit it out and show that it was still squirming. Poor worm anyway. Norman also addressed all the speculation about Daryl's sexuality, and said if that's the story they gave him "I would rock that story." But he shared all the different reactions he got from fans when the gay rumor spread. He also said he always plays violent killers because he has "beady little eyes. ... I look like that guy." They also showed how much Norman likes to lick people, and he explained the origin of that and how "Reedus" is now a verb in the Urban dictionary. He now have dads who come up to him saying, "Lick my daughter!" You have to watch that full video for the rubber horse-head story. It's not about licking, but it's great. Tom Selleck was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," and talked about Leonard Nimoy. Leonard directed "Three Men and a Baby" and he told the story of working with him, and working with the babies on set. He said Leonard was a lovely man, and not all like Spock, which you can imagine. Tom, by the way, is 70 - and still pretty darn handsome.

Disney star, singer, and "Undateable" actress Bridgit Mendler was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," talking about how she's studying anthropology at USC. It was kind of an accident to get that major. Her mom is also at USC, in a doctorate program. Jimmy had taste tests on the show and Bridgit did a blind test. She got it right. Gordon Ramsay was also on JKL, and Jimmy said Gordon has too strong a handshake and is too fit to be a chef, because it gives the message that he won't eat his own food. Gordon said he used to be overweight. Now he eats well and trains hard. His kids are decent chefs too.