The MTV Movie Awards will soon be upon us (Sunday night, although anything not related to Westeros that night is just not on our radar), and to celebrate, the cable giant has treated the world to an exclusive first clip from this summer's high anticipated adventure "Jurassic World." As Samuel L. Jackson said in the original film: Hold onto your butts.

Actually, no, your butts should be just fine, since this clip doesn't feature any of the rampaging dinosaur action we've come to expect from the series, but instead focuses on the charming, romantic comedy-style banter between Chris Pratt, playing a dinosaur trainer of some kind, and Bryce Dallas Howard, who is the operational manager of the now fully functional and open-to-the-public park. She is trying to convince him to come back and assess the new, genetically reconstituted mega-dinosaur that her crackpot scientists have created; he is reluctant to do so. Also, there's some fairly obvious product placement for a little Mercedes SUV that is parked in the background, framed in glorious sunlight.

It's a cute little scene and while the absence of dinosaurs is tragic, the back-and-forth between the stars is lovely and you get a little taste of Michael Giacchino's tropically-tinged score. Also, this sequence clearly sets up that part in the trailer where Pratt rides his motorcycle with the domesticated raptors that made us yelp for joy (it was more of a yodel).

"Jurassic World" is open for business on June 12th. Expect more big time summer movie exclusives ahead of (and during) the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.