If only Joss Whedon were still on Twitter, we could tweet him some congrats on this. Oh well.

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" crossed the $500 million box office mark 17 days into its international release, Variety reports. That means it's already the third most successful Marvel film overseas, after "The Avengers" ($895 million) and "Iron Man 3" ($806 million). At $500M and counting, "Age of Ultron" has already passed the next Marvel titles on the international list, including "Captain America: Winter Soldier" ($455 million), "Guardians of the Galaxy" ($441 million), and "Thor: The Dark World" ($439 million).

And it hasn't even opened everywhere yet. The "Avengers" sequel hits China on May 12 and Japan on July 4. Do you think, all told, it can catch up to "Iron Man 3" or the original "Avengers"? It's not like it's a failure if it doesn't, but sequels always come with increased $$$ expectations.

In terms of domestic intake, "Age of Ultron" is said to have grossed $235.7 million in its first week (it opened in the U.S. May 1) and it's projected to earn about $85 million more this weekend. It might help that this weekend doesn't have a "fight of the century" as competition, it has Mother's Day. And you know your mom would probably rather check out Captain America and Thor than go to brunch.