"America's Got Talent" Season 10 just premiered last week and saw its second round of impressive auditions on June 2. There's a thing called the Golden Buzzer that the judges can use to send acts straight to the live shows. This week, judge Howard Stern -- who is not always that easy to impress -- was so wowed by a dance duo called Freckled Sky that he hit the buzzer for them.

The act combined lighting, movement, and water to put on a show that Howard called "spectacular." Before Freckled Sky performed, Howard noted that the judges were looking for something extra special for the 10th anniversary season. Watch the magic happen in this 6 minute video:

You can hear Howard's "Wow! Oh wow!" comments during the performance. When it was over, all four judges gave standing ovations. "That's the kind of thing I'm looking for," Howard said, applauding the routine's originality and creative vision. He added he was "so moved" by the piece that he decided to use his Golden Buzzer option.

Would you have done the same? And do you think the Freckled Sky dancers (and their choreographer) are contenders for the AGT win?

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