AHS hotel, lady gaga, american horror storyAs "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy revealed at Comic-Con this weekend, Lady Gaga will be playing an evil character on the upcoming fifth season of the horror anthology series. Now, fans have their first, brief glimpse at what Gaga will look like on the show.

A new, quick teaser for "AHS: Hotel" depicts a close-up shot of the titular establishment's front desk, and the ornate brass bell that guests ring for service. Suddenly, a silver-colored hand shoots into the shot, ringing the bell and then drumming its long fingernails on the counter.

It's obviously not a lot to go on -- there's no dialogue, and only a handful of seconds of actual footage, after all -- but it's certainly creepy, and immediately evokes lots of questions. Is this meant to imply that Gaga's character is some sort of sliver-coated creature? (That certainly looks like her actual skin and nails in that shot.) And if that is indeed the case, how and why did she get that way?

There's been plenty of mystery surrounding this season so far, and we like the fact that this teaser lives up to its name, while still giving viewers a bit of information (however small that bit may be). We can't wait to see what other surprises Murphy and co. have in store.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" is set to premiere on FX sometime this October.

Photo credit: YouTube