Love the CoopersThere are only 120 days until Christmas, so hope you're ready to celebrate with the Coopers!

Yahoo has the trailer for the star-studded holiday comedy "Love the Coopers," and it bears quite the resemblance to "The Family Stone." It shares the producing team, as well as star Diane Keaton, who joins John Goodman as the parents of adult siblings engaging in wacky antics.
That includes Olivia Wilde as a perpetually single Eleanor, who recruits a soldier to pretend to be her boyfriend. There's Marisa Tomei's Emma, who accidentally shop-lifts. And Ed Helms is a single dad whose daughter likes to proclaim everyone is a jerk. So, yeah, lots of zany family happenings and mixed-up relationships, with heavy doses of feel-good holiday cheer. No doubt they'll all learn the true meaning of Christmas.

"Love the Coopers" opens in limited release November 13.

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