5th WaveWave one: Take out Earth's power. Wave two: Cause a massive earthquake. Wave three: Spread disease. Wave four: Invade the ground and inhabit human hosts. What will "The 5th Wave" be?

In the trailer for the sci-fi movie based on Rick Yancey's book series of the same name, Chloe Grace Moretz is trying to survive an alien onslaught. Cassie has managed to live through the first four waves, but faces even more difficult trials as the fifth wave begins. Now, her brother's gone missing and she can't trust anyone (since the Others can take over human bodies).

In the trailer, "The 5th Wave" ticks off all the boxes for a YA post-apocalyptic film: brave, teen girl trying to save a younger sibling; lots of action and armed conflict; attractive, but possibly untrustworthy teen guys; ravaged cityscapes. Whether it'll be a worthy replacement when the "Hunger Games" saga ends this year, remains to be seen.

"The 5th Wave" opens in theaters January 15.

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