It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... another "Walking Dead" spinoff!

Remember "The Walking Dead" webisodes? Good times. AMC is kind of bringing them back in a creative new series tied to "Fear the Walking Dead." FTWD is ending its short first season this Sunday, October 4, and Entertainment Weekly said that's also the premiere date of the new web spinoff, "Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462." The Web story will start on, and every episode after that will first show during commercial breaks in "The Walking Dead" Season 6, which starts Sunday, October 11. But you can also just watch the rest of the episodes online, after they debut on TV.

EW said each mini episode will be under a minute, showing what happens on a commercial flight in the early days of the outbreak, when the passengers discover one of their own is infected. Here's the coolest part: As we noted before, this is kind of like "Survivor" in that a surviving passenger of this web series will join "Fear the Walking Dead" for Season 2. Who will it be?

Fans have already speculated that the plane of this web series may be the one Nick (Frank Dillane) spotted in an episode of "Fear." (See photo above.) Maybe it crashes nearby and Nick's group comes upon this survivor who joins the Season 2 cast?

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