ahs, ahs: hotel, hotel, american horror storyAfter lots of cryptic teasers and plenty of speculation about just what will happen on the upcoming fifth installment of "American Horror Story," we finally have our first look at the opening credits sequence from "AHS: Hotel."

Shared by "AHS" mastermind Ryan Murphy on Twitter ("Halloween Season has begun!" he announced), the intro is just as creepy as you'd expect -- even more so, if we're being honest. There are plenty of callbacks to some of the characters and imagery we saw in some of the previous teasers, including people sewn into beds, as well as those damn demonic children running around.

Something extra, though, and something that should set sleuths off, is the presence of the Ten Commandments, which flash on the screen throughout the credits. Could each commandment provide a clue into a murder that has taken place at the titular establishment -- or perhaps, ones that are about to be committed? (Judging by all the blood on display, we're guessing the latter option.)

Fans only have to wait a few more days to find out. "American Horror Story: Hotel" debuts on FX on October 7.

[via: Ryan Murphy]

Photo credit: YouTube