We ain't never had a friend like "Good Morning America" today to promote the digital re-release, and shared a preview of the previously unreleased Williams footage:

Watch the full GMA video here, for more clips of Williams as the Genie and interviews with the cast and producers. It's never enough!

"Aside from him being funny as anything, he was such a warm, person," supervising animator Eric Goldberg told GMA. "He was the Genie, he was bigger than life," said John Musker, "Aladdin" co-writer/director, noting that they wrote the part of the Genie with Robin in mind. "We didn't know if he would do it. And fortunately for us, he did. We were totally walking down the plank. If he said no, we were going to be in big trouble because the whole concept was built around Robin." Ron Clements, co-writer/director added, "Fortunately he agreed to do it, and he worked so hard. We would record in four-hour sessions. He would be going four hours straight. We would have practically four hours of recording and by the end he was just drenched. He would have so much energy and so much passion."

Robin Williams took his own life last year -- on August 11, 2014 -- and we will never be over it. "Aladdin" was released last week on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere. The "Aladdin: Diamond Edition" Blu-Ray combo is coming out on Tuesday.

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