It's the cardinal sin of any reality TV show to be boring and "Project Runway" Season 14 is determined not to go to fashion hell.

The 2015 season finale will air in two parts, with Part 1 tomorrow (Thursday, October 29) and Part 2 next Thursday, November 5. But the finale collection designs we'll see made this week and on the runway next week were already shown at New York Fashion Week back in September. The judges, finale guest judgeCarrie Underwood, and other fashion favorites saw the designs in September and talked about what we'll be seeing.

"It definitely will not be boring,"Heidi Klum told the NYFW audience (via USA Today). Six designers showed at fashion week, including at least two decoys, since the real finale will include either three or four designers (depending on whether they give Edmond Newton the Tim Gunn Save and if someone is eliminated before showing collections).

Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi was at the September runway and teased to USA Today, "There are so many parts that go into this...There was a little bit of a drama a few days ago; everyone was trying to get everything together at the last minute. I'm just looking forward to seeing the collections now."

There's always a little bit of drama, but now we're even more excited to see what's ahead. The designers all had seven weeks to create their collections and there's usually some kind of last-minute twist added to their stressed workloads.

If you want to see the collections now, you can check out the links over here, which will take you to all six collections. They walked the runway anonymously at the time, to avoid spoilers, but it's not hard to tell who did what.

Here's Lifetime's Finale Part 1 promo:

Who is your favorite to win the 2015 season?

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