It's been promised time and time again that "Suicide Squad" will be a different breed of comic book movie, and now, director David Ayer is doubling down on that oath in a new interview.

While speaking to Empire (as transcribed by Comic Book Movie), Ayer discussed the unconventional path that his flick will follow, and how it's truly unlike other superhero -- and supervillain -- movies we've seen on the big screen before.

"You know, all these movies are about defeating the evil alien robot from f--king Planet X, before it destroys the world with its ticking clock. And who the f--k cares?" Ayer told Empire. "But you do this story about struggle and isolation and people who have been s--t on that suddenly get thrown this lifeline... that's not so bad... I like to think of this as the Comic Book Movie 2.0."

We agree that focusing on (and humanizing) the villain side of the equation is a unique approach, and based on the footage that we've seen so far, "Suicide Squad" certainly looks like nothing else that's been onscreen before. And while the flick will indeed be different, according to filmmakers, it also has a significant place in DC's upcoming Justice League film plan, earning its spot alongside other comic book greats.

"It had this darkness and edge, while still tonally in the zone of what we're trying to do with these movies," producer Charles Roven told Empire.

We can't wait to see how it all comes together.

"Suicide Squad" is due in theaters on August 5, 2016.

[via: Empire, h/t Comic Book Movie]

Photo credit: YouTube