Today is an interesting day for "Power Rangers" fans. Collider just announced a big change for the TV series (in 2017) and the Yellow Ranger was just cast for the movie (which is also coming out in 2017).

"Power Rangers" is still airing Season 22 on Nickelodeon, and Saban Brands extended their deal with the network through 2016. But Collider just shared scoop that Netflix will be picking up the series starting with Season 24 in 2017.

It's not official until it comes from The Powers That Be, but Collider said they heard that Season 24 "will be based on Japan's series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, and will be called Power Rangers Shuriken here in the States. The 39th entry in Toei's Super Sentai series premiered in February of this year on Japanese TV and has a ninja theme that celebrates traditional festival themes and accents the agile nature of its heroes. I hope you like your Power Rangers seasons on the long side because the Netflix co-production will contain 32 episodes."

Interesting. "Power Rangers" has been airing on TV since 1993, but it's only been on Nickelodeon since "Power Rangers Samurai" (Season 18) in 2011.

Meanwhile, a "Power Rangers" movie is coming out on January 13, 2017 and it was just announced that Becky G. will be the Yellow Ranger:

The movie was going to come out next summer, but got pushed back a year. Here are a lot more details on the movie's cast and characters.

What do you think about the new movie casting and (still just rumored, for now) series move to Netflix?

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