UPDATE: Thankfully, the show will go on Thursday night. Trevor Noah updated just a few hours before the new show aired:

Original story:

Send your healing thoughts over to Trevor Noah. The new host of "The Daily Show" had quite a day yesterday -- heading to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy, leading to the cancellation of the Wednesday night show. The good news is that he seems to be OK now, and the Comedy Central series should return to business as usual tonight (Thursday, November 5). But keep an eye on "The Daily Show's" Twitter account in case they decide that's too quick a turnaround and air a repeat tonight, too.

Here's how "The Daily Show" described the situation yesterday:

They wouldn't be the "Daily Show" without a cheeky addition like "from his time in an American hospital." As one commenter requested, "Please post what the American hospital billed you. LOL" Yes! Might as well made lemonades out of lemons. Seriously, though, appendicitis is no joke. Trevor was probably in a lot of pain, and to go from that to a new show tonight is impressive ... unless it's too much. It's OK to take another sick day, even early in your run, when it's for emergency surgery!

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