Ouch. "Terminator: Genisys" should go back in time and fix itself so it can be spared the scorching burn of this Honest Trailer. The fifth "Terminator" movie was so disappointing to fans that most of the work was already done for Screen Junkies, but it's still pretty satisfying to see it all spelled out in this classic takedown.

After the complete failure of 'Terminator 3' and the disaster that was 'Terminator: Salvation,' you thought the franchise couldn't get any worse. You. Were. Wrong. Now prepare for a sequel so awful it's not just bad on its own right, it goes back in time to murder the only Terminator films you actually enjoyed."

The trailer fixes the annoying title spelling to "Genesis" ("there we go, that feels better"), spanks all the misused actors ("Come on, Khaleesi, you're so much better than this"), questions the nonsensical plot, wonders why the guy with the heavy Austrian accent was given the most dialogue, and ultimately changes the title yet again to "Genishyt."

Poor Jai Courtney is given especially harsh treatment:

No matter where you run, no matter where you hide, you'll never escape from Jai Courtney. The homeless man's Channing Tatum is back and he's turned Kyle Reese into a blank-faced moron where charisma goes to die."

But tell us how you really feel! Maybe it's right, maybe it's wrong, but you have to admit the whole trailer is pretty damn funny. Unless you're Jai Courtney. Then you probably just think it sucks.

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