Voldemort killed multiple people, including Harry Potter's parents, and created seven horcruxes with pieces of his soul to try and stay immortal. But he's STILL better than Donald Trump. That's the verdict from "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, who joined the ranks of those questioning everything about Trump, but specifically his call to ban Muslims coming into the U.S. (That does sound like a plan "mudblood" bigot Voldemort would back.)

Rowling shared her Trump trumps Voldemort comment when sharing a BBC story comparing the two characters:

As you can see, her tweet was shared more than 180,000 times. Here are some of the top fan responses:

Rowling also retweeted a BuzzFeed UK Politics story on London Mayor Boris Johnson, who said he would avoid going to some parts of New York due to "the real risk of meeting Donald Trump."

So, yeah, she's not a Trump fan. (She's also not American, but the leader of the U.S. is a big deal to the rest of the world, too.) Sometimes Rowling gets in hot water with fans when she shares her political views, especially when she combines them with Harry Potter characters. But that has yet to stop her from posting her thoughts and we hope it never does -- whether we agree with her positions or not.

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