jurassic world, frank marshall, box office, record, star wars: the force awakens, the force awakens, star warsReceipts are still rolling in for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," but the flick has easily broken the record for best domestic opening of all time -- maybe by more than anyone ever imagined -- and has now also claimed the crown for best global opening ever. Both those records were set this earlier year by a fellow long-awaited sequel to a long-dormant franchise, "Jurassic World," and the filmmakers behind that project have proven that they're good sports about their defeat with a clever new ad aimed at the "Force Awakens" crew.

Frank Marshall, one of the producers of "Jurassic World," tweeted out the ad on Monday, which features a T-rex giving a medal to droid BB-8 -- the same one presented to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo by Princess Leia in the original "Star Wars" flick. The text of the ad says, "Universal Pictures, Steven, Frank and Colin Congratulate Star Wars The Force Awakens on the biggest opening weekend in galactic history."

Such displays of goodwill are common in Hollywood, going back to a tradition begun by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas in the 1970s. Spielberg famously took out an ad congratulating Lucas on "Star Wars" unseating "Jaws" as the biggest-earning domestic flick; Lucas later returned the gesture when Spielberg's "E.T." took back the record in 1982, and addressed a similar ad to James Cameron in 1997, when "Titanic" made its "Wars"-shattering debut.

Most recently, "Jurassic World" was on the receiving end of such congratulations when it broke Marvel's box office record for the domestic debut of "The Avengers." Disney is no doubt glad to once again own the title -- and probably not too eager to draw up another concession ad anytime soon. Then again, based on "The Force Awakens"'s blockbuster numbers, it seems unlikely that it will have to.

[via: Frank Marshall, h/t Screen Crush]

Photo credit: Frank Marshall