"American Idol" Season 15, aka "The Farewell Season," premiered last night and may have already shown us the once-top-rated show's final winner.

There was a lot of looking back as they introduced potential new stars, and the show acknowledged that some past "Idol" losers have done better than the actual winners. There were several great singers on the Season 15 premiere, but one in particular stood out: Sonika Vaid. The 20-year-old singer from Martha's Vineyard, MA, auditioned in Denver and it was immediately clear that she would go far.

Sonika sang "Idol" champ Carrie Underwood's "Look at Me," and just listening to her voice you could imagine it on the radio. You could see her voicing a Disney princess in an animated classic. And that's without even noticing that she looks like a Disney princess herself.

In Sonika's backstory, we learned that her parents came to the U.S. from India, starting with nothing when they were just children. She has that American dream story going for her, a perfect TV look, poise and charm, a memorable name, and that voice. Judge Harry Connick Jr. even said she was the only one up to that point who stood out to him as a potential winner.

Do you agree -- may we already have our winner?

Whether she becomes the final "American Idol" winner or not, Sonika seems poised for some kind of stardom, especially if this last gasp "Farewell Season" gets more attention than the past few largely ignored years.

What do you think? Could Sonika win? Will you watch to find out, or are you as bored with "Idol" as that bitter non-winner Clay Aiken?

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