Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday, January 10, but first he taught Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter how to play a so-dumb-it's-hilarious game called "A--hole Or Elbow." Ricky said, despite the insult "don't know your a-- from your elbow," his elbow and his own butt look pretty similar. To prove it, he took a close-up photo of his elbow and cropped it so it looked like it could be his butt. He kept taking photos on the couch and things got REALLY gross, but also really funny. Andy volunteered his own elbow as tribute and Ricky took a double-flap photo. Ricky said he and his friend played this game for three hours once when they were drunk. Perfect for the immature idiot in all of us. If this is a preview of Sunday's show -- oh boy. Cate Blanchett and Dominic Monaghan were both on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and disagreed on the status of the JKL studio bathrooms. Cate criticized the guest restrooms backstage ("Soviet era communist gray kind of gestapo commandant kind of feeling"), then later Dom defended the bathrooms as "spectacular" and "stunning." It's a LOTR feud! Jimmy had a camera go into the bathroom to show everyone what the fuss was about. It seemed fine from here, but if Galadriel wants it to be remodeled, do it. By the way, Dom also talked about doing Just for Men with his beard. He was quite hyper.
Cate also talked about the Golden Globes as tightly packed and sweaty "like a mosh pit," which sounds about right. A sweaty mosh pit with Ricky Gervais probably leading the celebs through more rounds of "A--hole or Elbow."

Stephen Colbert said it's a universal truth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and he did not enjoy his BLT this morning. He did not get a tomato on his BLT, and he took the offense personally. So he went on a trip down the street to try and figure out what happened. It goes on for seven minutes and it's a little awkward. Damien Lewis -- one of the best actors ever, period -- had an interesting conversation with Stephen about billionaires. Damien is playing a billionaire in the new Showtime series "Billions," and they had a debate about whether rich people are good or bad. As a Brit, Damien thought Americans liked rich people more.
Seth Meyers moderated "Late Night's" own Democratic Presidential Debate, re-editing real footage. It's pretty great. Seth: "Governor O'Malley, serious question: What would you do about people who still have their Christmas decorations up?" O'Malley: "Mark their homes for demolition."

Gael Garcia Bernal and Meghan Trainor made for a beautiful couch over on "The Late Late Show," and they both talked about first kisses. VERY different first kisses. Gael recalled his first kiss at age 6 in kindergarten, with a girl named Paulina who had a boyfriend. He still gets tingles thinking about that unexpected smooch. They also showed an on-screen kiss when the actor was 11 -- he was a top lip kisser. Meghan said her first kiss was "terrible." She was a freshman in high school and she had just sorta started seeing this guy, and he went up to her room and asked if he could kiss her. She said yes, but told him to hold that thought -- and then she went to her bathroom to go throw up 'cause she had the flu. She kept puking so her own mom had to tell the kid to leave. Poor Meghan! And that poor boy who wanted to kiss her. He had to take that puke personally. "The Late Late Show" also showed a football photo from when Meghan was the only girl on the football team. An awkward story goes with that, involving her brother and the bleeped-out word "crotch."
Gael also taught James to Salsa. Gael is a sexy mofo on all fronts, but Corden could use a tune-up. Maybe sign him up for "Dancing With the Stars."
Meghan and James also turned "All About that Bass" into the New Year's anthem "All About That Change":

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