Paul Rudd was booked solid this Super Bowl Sunday, with a cameo as the guy everyone loves (it's true!) in that "Bud Light Party" ad, and then as Ant-Man in the Coke Mini ad. His Ant-Man was also shown in the new "Captain America: Civil War" trailer ...

... but the Coke Mini commercial gave him some lines and let him help The Hulk open the can. 'Cause it really does take tiny fingers to open those things. As Ant-Man put it, "Oh, you poor sad Hulk. Hold on." Imagine watching The Hulk try to open the plastic bags at the grocery store. He has no future as a bagger.

Here's the ad, showing superheroes once again blithely trashing a city (tsk tsk):

His little pinkie raise! The commercial debuted during last night's Super Bowl and it already has about 1.7 million YouTube views. And, for once, the fans seemed to agree on its awesomeness, some saying it was the best Coke ad ever and others calling for more Ant-Man vs. Hulk battles over things like the last slice of pizza.

Here's just one great response:

Team Hulk on this one. It was in Bruce Banner's fridge, after all.

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