The fairy tale will continue for fans of "Once Upon a Time": ABC has renewed the fantastical drama for a sixth season.

"Once" co-creator and co-showrunner Adam Horowitz tweeted out the news on Thursday, revealing that the residents of Storybrooke would continue their Disney-inspired adventures for the foreseeable future.

"Thrilled to announce that #OnceUponATime has been picked up for season 6!" Horowitz wrote on Twitter. "Thank you ABC and thank you to the most extraordinary fans ever!"

While Variety notes that the show's ratings have been declining steadily in its fifth season (a recent episode yielded a series-low audience of just 4.4 million viewers, after averaging 9.2 million viewers in season four), "Once" remains a juggernaut on social media, where it has built a rabid fan base. That passionate devotion no doubt inspired ABC to hit the "renew" button, and continuing the introduction of buzzy storylines (including the recent "Frozen" arc) will surely be a goal for showrunners going forward.

"Once Upon a Time" is currently in the midst of its fifth season. It will return from its three-month winter hiatus for new episodes beginning on Sunday, March 6.

[via: Adam Horowitz, Variety]