Melissa McCarthy Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"Melissa McCarthy, we are not worthy!

The actress appeared on "The Tonight Show" last night to face off against Jimmy Fallon in his popular segment "Lip Sync Battle" (which spun off into a TV show on Spike), and she absolutely ruled with her two song selections.

After Fallon performed Melanie's "Brand New Key," McCarthy got rough and tumble with DMX's "Gonna Give It to Ya." But it was her second tune, "Colors of the Wind" from the "Pocohontas" soundtrack that really turned it up, as "The Boss" star donned a pair of goggles and was showered with leaves, branches, plush woodland animals, and lots and lots of glitter.

Fallon couldn't stop giggling in glee, and had to declare her the "Lip Sync Battle" champion of the evening.

McCarthy next builds a girl troop cookie empire in "The Boss," which opens in theaters April 8.

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