The new movie "Demolition" centers around Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal), a man who's grieving the sudden death of his wife in a car accident, and his difficult struggle to put his life back together in the aftermath. The flick follows the logic that in order "to repair the human heart, you have to take everything apart, and figure out what's important," and that propels Davis's personal journey as he attempts to right his emotional ship.

In this behind-the-scenes sneak peek of "Demolition," premiering today exclusively on Moviefone, Gyllenhaal and director Jean-Marc Vallée discuss the film's unique approach to grief and loss. One of the ways in which the flick does so is through its sense of heightened reality, in which Davis is continually haunted by very real visions of his deceased partner.

According to the actor, "Demolition"'s handling of the delicate subject is "not like it is in [other] movies," and that it doesn't follow "conventional rules" of filmmaking. Vallée agrees, noting that he was immediately drawn to screenwriter Bryan Sipe's unusual script.

"It's gonna take twists and turns in ways you'd never expect," Gyllenhaal adds.

"Demolition" also stars Chris Cooper, Naomi Watts, and Judah Lewis. It's set for a limited release on April 8.demolition, sneak peek, exclusive, featurette, jake gyllenhaal, Jean-Marc ValléePhoto credit: Fox Searchlight