ENTERTAINMENT-US-SPIKE TV GUYS CHOICE"The Walking Dead" fans may have been in an uproar when the series left them hanging about the fate of the mystery victim of Negan's baseball bat Lucille, but star Norman Reedus wants to assure everyone that all the anxiety and hand-wringing the cliffhanger caused will be worth it for the payoff.

Moviefone: The big cliffhanger on "Walking Dead" made everybody crazy! Were you surprised that some people were like, 'Not fair! Not cool!"?

Norman Reedus: We're in the age of instant gratification, so I get it. When it happens to me watching other shows, I get upset as well. But it's well worth the wait. I will say it's well worth the wait!

Everybody was really excited about the arrival of Negan, and for a long time the anticipation was just building and building. For you, creatively, have you enjoyed the payoff in having that character finally show up?

Yeah I mean, he's such a nice guy and he's playing such a dick. I've known Jeffrey [Dean Morgan] for a long, long time. He's a fine actor and a great guy. He's bringing a whole new thing to the show. I really like what he's doing. Unfortunately, I don't like what he's doing, but I like what he's doing. [Laughs] Yeah, he's a really good asset to the show.

Is there another particular element we've seen in the comics that you're hoping you guys get to do your version of?

There's a couple things that are coming that are in the comic book that are super large, that are brand-new elements, like Negan is. I mean, we have such good source material on that show. We could go on forever.

What do you love about the show at this point?

It's such a tight unit down there. We take that show super personally. It's odd to talk about it sometimes because we're living it down there. If someone dies, if something horrible happens, it's like, "So tell me about the thing ..." and I'm like, "Death and horrible things are happening." You know what I mean? So it's kind of odd to talk about, to be honest. It's the camaraderie that we have. We're a fine-tuned machine down there, and I'm very proud of the stuff that we're doing.

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 premieres October 9th on AMC.