UPDATE: Dammit! Everything was going according to plan -- from Meech's awesome speech to Zakiyah's eviction -- and then Corey went and won the stupid double eviction HoH. It was the days comp, aka guess "less" or "more" and you have a 50/50 shot. That ensured the protection of Paulie and Nicole, and also allowed them both to play in the next HoH.

Corey consulted his bros for the nominations, and went with Bridgette and Michelle.

Corey, Bridgette, Michelle, James, Nicole, and Paul played in the Power of Veto comp. Corey won POV.

Corey -- Paulie's pet rock -- who has done nothing all season, and whose only previous comp was the POV thrown to him by Paulie, won two comps in a row. Curse him. Curse him with a thousand plagues. Corey kept the nominations the same, because of course Corey would waste the opportunity of a DE and just continue this season's trend to date, which is "Evict Whoever Paulie Wants."

Bridgette was evicted. Which is slightly surprising, since Michelle expected to go. She even blew up Nicole's game, thinking she was on the way out. Bridgette didn't cry on the way out, but Michelle SOBBED. Ugh.

Either way, Paulie won. Voldemort won. There is no Santa Claus. We need a hug.

However... perhaps Paulie's eviction was just delayed a week? Later on Thursday, Victor won the Week 8 HoH, and his bond with Paul proved very important. Paul flipped to the Nat/James/Michelle side of the house because Paulie made everything about himself. When Paul left, Victor tagged along. Last week, Vic put up the girls and was loyal to The Executives. After Paul flipped, Vic was ready to blindside Paulie in the DE, which Vic personally couldn't play in. Well, he played and won this time -- and on Friday, Victor did this:

Original post:

Keep your fingers crossed. We don't want to jinx "Big Brother 18" when the houseguests are finally ready to make a gigantic, badass, awesome, long-awaited strategic move: The blindside of Paulie Calafiore.

Tonight (Thursday, August 11) is the double eviction episode. Zakiyah Everette now looks like a lock to be evicted over Michelle Meyer. Then we'll have a quick Head of Household competition, a quick Nomination Ceremony, a quick Power of Veto competition, a quick Veto Ceremony, and a quick live eviction. Then the next HoH competition will begin, launching Week 8.

Up until late this week, Michelle looked like she was going home. But OUR ICONIC QUEEN Natalie Negrotti is here to play the game, bless her, and she rallied a group with a new mission: Save Michelle, and target Paulie.

Iconic Queen Nat Nat got Bridgette Dunning on her side, and obviously Michelle was ready to be saved and turn on Paulie since Paulie turned on her first. James Huling was a question mark, despite -- or really because of -- his involvement in the Jatalie showmance with Natalie. He figured working with the other two showmance couples was in their best interest. But not anymore. He's on board, too.

And on Wednesday morning, surprise surprise, Paul Abrahamian climbed aboard the Down With Paulie train. He's sick of everything being to the benefit of Paulie and Nicorey instead of Team PP. Since Paul and this week's HoH Victor Arroyo wanted Zakiyah out anyway, they are happy with the idea of saving Michelle. When Paul made Vic aware of the plan to keep Z and backdoor Paulie, he was all for it.

The plan seems to be to get someone to nominate Corey Brooke and Nicole Franzel, with Paulie as the backdoor option. Paul wants one of the girls to be the one to do it, basically so he can cover both sides of his butt in case it doesn't work.

And it might not work.

Paulie has a habit of winning comps and he could win the double eviction HoH and/or the PoV. That would ruin everything, because Paul and Victor might just gravitate back toward him and the momentum could be lost. Worst case scenario -- they sell out Natalie and James and Jatalie ends up on the block, or Natalie and Michelle. OR -- maybe even worse -- they target Paulie but he has the round-trip ticket and just comes right back in and reclaims power.

But it's still worth a shot, and with Natalie, Michelle, James, Bridgette, and Paul all playing in this week's HoH, they have a great chance of winning. But if Paulie, Nicole, or Corey win, well, that's ... just ... lame.

Meanwhile, last night was a doozy, with Natalie telling Z a lot of things that Paulie has done behind her back, and Paulie returning fire to Nat. Bridge stood up for Nat, too. Things got dramatic. Really, the past 48 hours on the live feeds have been more dramatic than the first two months of the show. Read a full late-night rundown here.

It should be an interesting night! Some stations are delaying BB for preseason football, so check out this map to see if you might be affected. Here's hoping poor Z goes first, then Paulie in a massive double eviction blindside, with Nicole or Corey following next week.

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