As Cersei Lannister once said, when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. So she'd better hope she wins the GOT Party nomination. So far, she's not even close. But the one who currently is leading ... well, we were surprised. Maybe you won't be.

You may have heard there's an election going on in the U.S.? Well, heck with that. You have more important votes to consider.

"Game of Thrones" released a video a while back teasing the choice: "For those who don't see the right banner on the ballot: We are the GOT Party. Cast your vote for #GOT2016 on and own Season 6 now to get to know the candidates."

Here's what it says on the site:

"From the Reach to the Stormlands, the Wall to the Arbor — we, the GOT, demand new choices in leadership. The candidates have called their banners. Cast your vote to pick your side in the great wars to come. ... Visit the site daily during the month of August to cast your vote for the GOT Party candidate. On September 1st, 2016, we will unveil the official Party nominee and running mate."

Here are the four candidates, who now have their own campaign videos:

Daenerys Targaryen & Tyrion Lannister: Jon Snow & Lyanna Mormont: Petyr Baelish & Sansa Stark:Cersei Lannister & Qyburn:Like the real candidates, these ones have their flaws and we're not satisfied with the options. Why aren't Jon and Sansa together? And why is Petyr at the head of that ticket instead of Sansa? And what kind of sickos will vote for Cersei and Qyburn? They have the pyro vote, but anyone else?

So far -- surprise or no surprise? -- Littlefinger is leading in the polls with 35% of the vote. Apparently chaos is a great campaign promise. But Littlefinger only has a slight lead on both Jon and Dany, who are tied for 32%. Cersei, bless her, only has 1%.

Jon and Dany are probably stealing votes from each other. They should team up, and then they might be unbeatable. Then again, that would leave Tyrion out of things and he might not like that. He and Lyanna Mormont could run as Independents. Or we could all just write in Brienne and Tormund. BECAUSE WHERE ARE THEY AS OPTIONS?

The official nominee and running mate will be revealed September 1.

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