Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCMan, The Powers That Be really love messing with "The Walking Dead" fans. Season 6 ended on a massive cliffhanger, leaving us hanging for more than six months, and Season 7 is already trolling the Daryl Dixon fans.

Last night, AMC aired "The Walking Dead Season 7 Preview Special," hosted by Chris Hardwick, with guests Austin Ameliio (Dwight), and actress Yvette Nicole Brown. Season 7 will premiere October 23, and so far the only footage we've seen is that trailer at Comic-Con and now this sneak peek scene:It's not much. The point of it is clearly to show that Dwight is still taking Mr. Dixon's (Norman Reedus) things. How, though? Does that hint to Daryl being the one who died in Negan's lineup? Nope. They never do anything that spoilery, but what they -- they being the producers -- love more than anything is shaking up the easily shaken Daryl fans.

Other fans are irritated that the show seems to be taking a cool comic book character like Dwight and just making him seem like a Daryl stalker, with no other personality. Hopefully that does not stay the case in Season 7. And others have pointed out that if AMC is showing this scene, it pretty much guarantees that Daryl did not die in Negan's lineup.

During the "Talking Dead" special, which did not reveal much, Hardwick asked Amelio if we'd get the story of how Dwight got his face burnt. Amelio was wary of spoilers so he just said "tune in," but it sounded like the story will stick closely with the comic, which involves Negan, Dwight's wife Sherry, and some classic Negan punishment.

Actors Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes), and Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) told fans they should prepare for the deadly Season 7 premiere by having someone with you and holding a cat close. "You're not prepared for what's coming," McBride said. "You'll probably cry and you'll probably smash your television set," Reedus said.

Hardwick read off a letter from showrunner Scott M. Gimple, saying we know the beginning and it's almost here, but it is a beginning. What happens in Episode 1 will shatter the lives of our group, but we'll also see different worlds in stories torn from the pages of the comic and remixed. "We'll see unthinkable dangers from the damndest of places." Yes, there will be blood, Gimple said, but also ... cobbler.

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