UPDATE: After a week of only talking to Natalie and James, then crying in bed, Michelle was evicted. It was a tie, as predicted, and Nicole broke the tie to send Michelle to jury over Paul. Michelle is always at her best on the block, so she blew up Nicole's game on the way out -- saying she'll float to final two and appearing to be bleeped-out when she said Nicole f*cked her way to the end. Michelle also stole Paul's blow-up BFF Pablo on the way out. So it was a double eviction after all -- Meech and Pablo. Other than that, Julie Chen said there would not be another double eviction. That's a shame. The next HoH competition started at the end of the September 1 show and it was later revealed that Victor won and is HoH again. He's going to target James, so Nicole is safe another week and has yet to ever sit on the block.

Original story:

"Big Brother 18" houseguest Michelle Meyer called herself the worst superfan ever and ... well ... she might not be far off. She is currently on the block next to Paul Abrahamian, who was -- and should be, from a strategic standpoint -- Public Enemy No. 1. But Paul is not the current target. Big Meech is the target. Nicole Franzel is Week 10 Head of Household, and even though Paul called her out last week, she, Paul, Corey Books, and Victor Arroyo have an alliance called The Final Four. They appear to be sticking with it.

On Saturday, Nicole won the Power of Veto.

Nicole did not use the PoV to bring down Paul or Michelle to "backdoor" James Huling. The only people who can vote are James, Victor, Corey, and Natalie Negrotti. James and Natalie will vote to evict Paul. Victor and Corey will vote to evict Michelle.

As HoH, Nicole has the tie-breaking vote. She currently plans to evict Michelle, who has been coming after her all season. Will this stay the plan? There's still time to flip, so ... we'll see. For now, The Final Four are holding strong to the plan to evict Meech.

However, Michelle has only had the power of HoH once -- last week, when she was given co-HoH by "America" -- and she didn't put up Nicole. You could argue that Paul is the bigger threat to Nicole and everyone else in that house when it comes to who could win. He is the biggest threat in the house, period.However, you can't win if you don't get to Final 2, and Nicole has a better shot of getting to the end with Victor, Paul, and Corey than Michelle, James, and Natalie. Jatalie chose to bring in Michelle, not very subtly, and Nicorey noticed. So they made a deal with the underdogs, the Sitting Ducks of Vic and Paul.

Paul has been getting a lot of deserved strategic credit (and he and Michelle made up this week, after their fight), but Victor has been playing a very strong social game, too, especially when it comes to Corey. Corey got this week's care package (HOW?!), and his current plan is to bribe Victor with $5,000 to vote out Michelle instead of Paul.

Corey ultimately did bribe Victor, saying it was from both Nicole and Corey to seal the Nic/Corey/Paul/Vic final four deal. Vic was going to vote her out anyway, but this covers his tracks more, and gives him visible incentive. Plus, Vic and Corey have been bro-ing out, and some fans suspect we could end up with a Vicorey/Victorey Final 2, kicking out Paul and Nicole, who arguably have stronger cases to make to the jury, depending on how the jury feels about Vic being evicted twice. Will they want to see him win after that, or figure he's had enough chances and he's just coasting on comp wins?

At any rate, the noms are Michelle vs. Paul, and Michelle still hasn't even made a case for herself to Nicole. Meech thought, at first, that it was obvious that Paul was Nicole's target, but then she did start to think that she was the real target. But she hasn't done anything about it. And she's not 100 percent sure either way, so she doesn't want to come across as paranoid and approach Nicole, with whom she's had a tense relationship all season. James and Nat are sure that Paul is the target, although they know they are screwed if Michelle leaves and Paul stays.

But hey, at least Meech isn't sobbing about ... oh no, wait, she is:

Here's a great rundown of the week in a nutshell:

A double eviction is coming (eventually?), and James is the target of the Final Four alliance of Paul/Vic/Nicole/Corey. But James knows how to sniff out a would-be blindside -- especially if his ally Michelle leaves -- so don't be surprised if he actually tries to win an HoH for once and takes on Paul/Vic/Nicole. (He'd probably leave Corey alone. Corey is barely here anyway.)

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