Black Widow and Black Panther may have met their matches in each other.

USA Today released another deleted scene included on the "Captain America: Civil War" Blu-ray, and it features Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff questioning Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa. It takes place after a brutal battle among Cap (Chris Evans), the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), and Black Panther. The latter wants to take the Winter Soldier prisoner for the crime of blowing up his father and other world leaders.

The clip is a tantalizing bit of passive-aggressive bantering, with T'Challa asking, "You're not used to the truth, are you?"
Natasha coolly reminds him that his vibranium suit puts him under the restrictions of the accord governing superheroes. But Black Panther shrugs this off. Seems the King of the Wakanda plays by his own rules.

The fun scene builds on the relationship between the two characters. Perhaps it's an indication that Black Widow could pop up in the "Black Panther" movie, which opens in theaters Feb. 16, 2018.

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