Collateral BeautyWhat if you could talk to Love, Time, and Death and confront them over how they've messed up your life?

That's the premise of "Collateral Beauty," which stars Will Smith as a grieving father who writes letters to those three things. Howard's friends, including Kate Winslet and Edward Norton, are worried about him. Then, one day, Death (Helen Mirren) shows up after receiving his letters. So does Time (Jacob Latimore). He's also visited by Love (Keira Knightley).

The trailer definitely has a sort of "ghosts of Christmases past" feel, with a bit of "It's a Wonderful Life." Meeting the trio of entities just might help Howard work out his grief. The movie looks heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.

And that cast! Pretty much everybody is an Oscar winner or nominee. Oh, and that doesn't even include Naomie Harris and Michael Peña! This is a seriously star-studded group of people.

"Collateral Beauty" opens in theaters December 16.

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