GoldMatthew McConaughey's hunting for some gold — in the form of another Oscar.

He's transformed himself again for the movie "Gold," which has a new trailer from Vulture. He gained 40 pounds, he's bald, and he sports a variety of ugly outfits to play a hustler who strikes it rich with the world's biggest gold mine.

The movie is based on a true story of a businessman who teams up with a geologist (Èdgar Ramírez) to prospect in the Indonesian jungle. They hit the jackpot, which earns McConaughey respect and adoration from his girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard). But soon enough, the FBI starts sniffing around and the Indonesian government wants to seize the mine, and all the gold could melt away.

McConaughey looks to be in top McConnaissance-era form. His physical transformation reminds us of his work in "Dallas Buyers Club," while the film's vibe (down-on-his-luck guy gets rich, is targeted by powerful interests) is more "Wolf of Wall Street."

"Gold" opens in theaters Christmas Day.

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