And now his watch has ended. "Big Brother 18" just said goodbye to Victor Arroyo. Again. This time, he's probably staying gone -- at least until CBS casts him as a vet on a future season, and/or on "Survivor" or "The Amazing Race" with Paul Abrahamian.

The co-captain of the #SittingDucks, Puerto Rican sensation, and worthy beneficiary of the nickname Juan Snow was evicted for a record third time in one game in Tuesday's episode. Yes, Tuesday. Because we are close to the BB18 finale, the schedule is being crunched into multiple episodes in one week, including *no* more Thursday eps, despite that being our usual live eviction day.

Check out the final schedule, via Big Brother Daily:

Tuesday September 13th (8 PM ET) - Final 5 eviction episode (taped September 12th)

Wednesday September 14th (8 PM ET) - Final 4 eviction episode

Friday September 16th (8 PM ET) - Recap episode, Final HoH competition begins

Wednesday September 21st (9:30 PM ET) - 90 minute finale

Wednesday September 28th - The Big Brother: Over The Top season begins, exclusively on CBS All Access.

Victor left, and -- if he doesn't pull some fast work -- his boy Paul will follow, leaving us with a final three of (grab the nearest barf bag) Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks, and James Huling. If no one stops this train from hitting a wall, Nicorey will be F2. Sadly, Nicorey played the game that needed to be played to win this watered-down disappointment of a vanilla grossmance soap opera season. So be it. Never cared.

UPDATE: Paul just won the HOH at Final 4, so he is guaranteed a spot in the Final 3! Now it's just a matter of seeing who joins him for the three-part final HOH comp.

Never mind who wins the $500,000 for a moment. Who will win America's Favorite Player? James won last season, and he seems to think he is in line for this years' AFP too. CBS has been giving him the sympathetic "poor me" edit, as if Natalie Negrotti really broke his heart (the second she was gone, he immediately asked Corey about his sister, saying she was cute) but James played a very different game in BB18 than he did in BB17 and he is unlikely to win another $25K.

AFP tends to go to the likable underdog who fought to stay alive when "The House" was against them. So Victor looks like a natural choice. His biggest flaw was too much loyalty. He's great at comps, but not great at the rest of "Big Brother," but that rarely matters when it comes to AFP. AFP goes to the person you like, and Victor is pretty easy to like (even if Nicole wishes he wouldn't quite like her so much).

So as we bid farewell to the Sitting Ducks, we leave hope that one or both of them will still leave the house with some extra cash. (Paul is rich and doesn't need more money, but if he gets to the end, he definitely deserves the full $500K.)

Who are your votes for BB18 winner (not that you have a say in that) and AFP?

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