UPDATE: Sorry, Messiah. Jason Roy of BB16 was voted into "Big Brother: Over the Top" as the 13th houseguest. He won the first of many votes from America. Will he win it all, or will the producers be right (for once) in their choice to win it all?

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"Big Brother: Over the Top" is launching a new round of crazy starting Wednesday, September 28 on CBS All Access. Once again, the season will feature a veteran player. But will that player be BB17's supermarket worker and Mom's basement resident Jason Roy or BB18's self-described Messiah Jozea Flores?

Fans can now vote at CBS.com/shows/big-brother-over-the-top/vote/ for the returnee they want to join the new season.

Jozea was the first boot of the recently completed "Big Brother 18" -- after taking aim at the four vets of the season -- but he made a lasting impression, including several great gifs.Jason lasted a bit longer in BB17, and gave us his own series of awesome gifs and memes:Jason, a "Big Brother" superfan, was the fifth Houseguest eliminated in BB17. Jozea tried to target the vets out of the gate in BB18, and maybe opened his mouth too wide about being the leader (messiah) of the noobs. Jason also opened his mouth too much, and also ended up on the wrong side of the numbers. That season had two Heads of Household and Jason won the first one, and co-won some Battle of the Block comps, so he may have a more all-round game argument.

Both Jason and Jozea offered reasons why fans should vote for them and -- sorry not sorry -- Jason won us over with his superfan status, plan on what to do differently, and epic shade:

Here's part of what Jason told EW:

EW: Why should fans vote for you over Jozea?

Jason: OK, get ready for it. It's campaign season, girl. Plain and simple. Jozea is here for Instagram followers and for fame and to probably sell overpriced jock straps for overpriced gay underwear companies. I am a real superfan of the show. Big Brother is not only my favorite show — it is my passion. I am a real strategist. I am someone who actually gives a care about this game. I am who a real Big Brother fan would want to see play. I've been watching live feeds for years. And this season being on All Access, this is especially for my people. I want to represent my live feeders.

Would you play the game differently this time if you make it into the house?

I have a better understanding of how I, with my personality type, need to play the game. Everyone plays the game very differently. Some people can scoot along without a problem, and some, you know, mouthy big mouths like me, actually have to really think before we open our mouths and really have to pull out a different type of strategy.

Nice. Here's part of what Jozea had to say to EW:

EW: Why should people pick you over Jason?

Jozea: Because I still think I have a lot to show and prove to America and I want everyone to see that I can really play Big Brother. If I would have lasted longer in my season, I would have really showed everyone that I can actually play the game. And, you know, I feel like I have more spice and I'm more energetic. I'm just a bubble of fun. [Laughs] I want America to see my other side, the real Jozea. [...] America: I want you all to know that I have researched, I have learned, and I have watched, and I am ready to play Big Brother the right way. I will assure you that I'm going to give you the best season ever known to Big Brother.

So how would you change that if you make it into the house?

This is Big Brother: Over the Top, so I wouldn't have been considered if I wasn't over the top. So I know I am over the top. But I'm going to let these new houseguests chew themselves apart and then throw myself where I need to be thrown when the time is right.

Vote for your favorite over here. Fans will also be able to vote for the winner of the whole season, which hasn't happened since Season 1 and sounds good right about now after what just happened with BB18.

"Big Brother: Over the Top" starts Wednesday, September 28 at 10 p.m. ET on the network's SVOD and live-streaming service CBS All Access.

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