The chairman and CEO of Time Warner isn't likely to be day-to-day on managing Warner Bros.'s handling of the DC Extended Universe, but Jeff Bewkes did recently share some thoughts on the matter. Bewkes gave investors (via Variety) a positive take on "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad," but also relayed internal discussions on tweaking the tone of future storytelling.

"The DC Comics characters ... have a little more lightness in them than maybe what you saw in those movies, so we're thinking about that," he said. However, he added, "The strategy worked. The execution did deliver what we wanted to do. We can do a little better on the creative. ... We're right on course or better" with the overall DCEU plan, including future movies "Wonder Woman," "Justice League," "Aquaman," "The Flash," and more.

"The main thing was to launch DC and reinvigorate it with the fan base. The reboot of Batman with Ben Affleck (in the role) was a big success."

Variety said Bewkes also mentioned positive fan reaction to Gal Gadot's debut as Wonder Woman in "BvS," feeling it bodes well for her solo movie in 2017.

Not too long ago, Warner Bros. announced a reorganizing of the suits handling DC movies, giving oversight to Jon Berg and Geoff Johns. Ben Affleck is also taking on a bigger role, with the title of executive producer in "Justice League" -- directed by Zack Snyder -- and directing and starring in his own standalone Batman movie.

The first trailers for "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League" both had positive fan responses at Comic-Con. Then again, the many trailers for "Suicide Squad" also had positive reactions, but the finished product elicited a more mixed response.

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