It's "Inception" meets "Harry Potter" in Marvel's new trailer for "Doctor Strange."

The 60-second tease is packed with all-sorts of mystical action and magical powers, as Benedict Cumberbatch goes from a cocky, arrogant surgeon who James Bonds around New York in fancy everything, to a mystical-powered hero with really awesome facial hair. He and Tony Stark are gonna be BFFs.

In fact, Stark and the rest of The Avengers get name-dropped here, as Benedict Wong's character, Wong, lays out what The Ancient One and her disciples of Kamar-Taj are doing when Earth Mightiest Heroes are battling the likes of Ultron. Then lots of magic whips and origami with cities ensues.

November 4 can't get here fast enough. Watch the trailer below.

Doctor Strange
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Dr. Stephen Strange discovers the world of magic after meeting the Ancient One. Read More

December 3, 2016
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