"Big Brother: Over the Top" just started and it's already like "The Walking Dead" -- Week 1 is following an epidemic of "infected" and we're curious to see who survives.

After the 13 HGs got a chance to get to know each other, the first Head of Household comp began. But it wasn't a traditional competition, it was an intriguing social experiment -- a bottle with blue liquid was placed on the living room table, next to a card that said "Only One May Drink" and the BB motto "expect the unexpected."

Shane Chapman, he of the sexy man bun and instant bromance with Monte Massongill, decided to drink it. It was revealed that the first HoH comp was called BB Bug, and Shane was "infected" and could not win HoH. He then had to pick someone else to "infect" and that person was eliminated from the comp and couldn't be HoH. That person that had to choose someone else, and so on until one HG remained and that person was the first HoH.

It was actually kind of awesome, and a clever twist that forced each HG to make a decision. Since it's so early in the game, many players volunteered to be "infected," and asked if others wanted to do the same, keeping blood off their own hands and staying under the radar. (Plus, they got to wear cool infected T-shirts.) However, some HGs wanted to be HoH -- sole returnee Jason Roy being one of them since he knew he'd be an instant target.

Jason got pretty far down the line but, in the end, it came down to Kentucky drawler Whitney Hogg infecting secret sister Alex Willett (an early winner pick), leaving Monte as the first HoH.

Monte told Whitney and Shane they can keep their bags unpacked, he is keeping them safe for sure. However, Whitney and Alex have said they trust Monte more than Shane, and Shane has become quite close to Danielle Lickey, who has also gotten close to Justin Duncan, which has already made some HGs nervous. (Shelby Stockton and other secret sister Morgan Willett know that a Danielle/Shane showmance is coming, it's just a matter of time. They also know that Shane and Monte are close, which worries them.) Alex and Whitney, who are working together, want Jason out, but they're worried that Shane is getting in Monte's ear to keep Jason.

So Jason's name has come up as a possible target, but it's not definite that he will be on the block. There's also the twist, fitting for a voter-based season, that we the fans get to choose a third person for the block.

Here are some of the ways we get to be involved, via Big Brother Network:

America's Nominee Vote – The HOH will nominate two Houseguests for eviction and, for the first time ever, fans will have the opportunity to choose a third houseguest to join them on the block.

America's Eviction Vote – In addition to the house's eviction votes, for the first time, fans will have a say in who they would like to see go home. The nominee who receives the most eviction votes from America will receive one extra vote during the eviction ceremony.

America's Care Package Vote – Fans can vote to send their favorite Houseguest a special advantage in the game.

America's Have Nots Vote – America will be able to vote and choose three unlucky "have nots" each week.

It's hard to tell who viewers might nominate as the third person, but possibly Cornbread or Shane since they are part of the bro alliance. Or fans might get annoyed with Whitney for handing power to Monte. We'll see.

Watch what happens on the live feeds here at CBS All Access.

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