Commissioner Gordon is not here for your bird-brained quiz, man. "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and they were literally left speechless in the wonderfully absurd game show called "Look Who's Squawking."

Corden pretended that he was told the actors were both big bird enthusiasts, but the actors said they knew nothing about birds. Corden acted flummoxed but continued with the game show anyway, dressing in a wild bird suit and asking specific bird questions like "What is the largest songbird in North America?" and "What is the maximum speed of a chicken?"

They didn't have any answers, and Corden got increasingly (and brilliantly) frustrated. When someone brought out a mystery bird of prey, and Corden asked the guys to write down its name, the deadpan actors wrote "F**k you" and "F**k off" instead, then walked out.

The whole thing went on for 10 ridiculous minutes! All of the little details are great. (Look at the feathers under their nametags.)

Watch the clip:

Also on the show, Rob (who was recently roasted on Comedy Central) and J.K. shared the worst insults they've heard as actors:

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