Emmys 1991 - 95

During the final presidential debate between "nasty woman" Hillary Clinton and "bad hombre" Donald Trump, the Emmy Awards somehow found itself a hot topic.

Clinton was making the point that, whenever things don't go Trump's way, he cries "rigged," giving as an example the tweets he's posted on the Emmys being rigged, because "The Apprentice" never won. Trump piped in that he "should've won," and the Internet had some fun with that.

No one really seemed to take the Emmys talk too seriously, including some past Emmy winners and nominees. The Television Academy reacted with a tweet defending itself as not rigged, and it got back-up from nine-time Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus -- who has one win for "Seinfeld," one for "The New Adventures of Old Christine," and seven for producing and starring in "Veep."

However, J L-D's old "Seinfeld" co-star Jason Alexander (jokingly) agreed with Trump, saying the Emmys were rigged, since he was nominated seven times for "Seinfeld" and never won.

Seriously, though, if anyone has an argument that the system is rigged against him, it's George Costanza.

The Hollywood Reporter rounded up some past tweets and quotes from Trump, who has clearly been a bitter hombre for years about "The Amazing Race" beating "The Apprentice" for best reality series. But maybe the new "Celebrity Apprentice" with Arnold Schwarzenegger will start winning Emmys.

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