Well, they didn't get dressed up for nothing, so why not reveal ALL of the never-before-seen footage from "Braveheart"?

Mel Gibson is currently promoting his new film "Hacksaw Ridge," but Collider took some time to ask him about "Braveheart." Gibson's 1995 Oscar winner is already pretty long, but it turns out there are plenty of scenes on the cutting room floor that Gibson would be willing to repackage for an extended special edition of some kind -- if someone else is willing to do the leg work to track the footage down.

Gibson told Collider the "kitchen sink" assembly cut was about 3 hours and 45 minutes, which they cut to 2 hours, 48 minutes -- not including credits. "So we lost almost an hour," Gibson said. "There's almost an hour lying on the floor someplace, but I think it's the right hour." Collider asked if there a lot of scenes that never saw the light of day. "Oh yeah," Gibson confirmed. "There's literally an hour someplace. There's an hour of stuff."

Collider asked if anyone has ever approached him to do an extended cut. Here's Gibson's response:

"People have mentioned, 'It's a big deal, wooh.' I don't know, somebody -- Fox or Paramount -- want to finance that, go ahead. They want to dig up the footage, I'll slap it back together. And then we'll get Steve Rosenblum, who's a great editor. I've worked with him since a couple of times. I think he'd be up for it. That was one of the highlights of his life, I think. That was a good flick."

Gibson also remembered some sequences that were taken out, and he sounded willing to revisit the film to talk about what was cut and why. So Fox, Paramount, or Whoever should definitely get on this. There was a two-disc special collector's edition released back in 2007, but it didn't include the hour of deleted scenes, and hardcore fans would love to see this mystery footage.

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